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A brief introduction to vacuum technologies, processes and materials

Vacuum technologies, processes and the materials used to design and manufacture products there from have been around for many years, however, thanks to the interest in artisanal, artistic and industrial use manufacturing and technological developments, there are always new entrants to the industries. Men and women as young as high school age are taking an interest, still exploring what avenues to pursue during their career development.

This very short informational article serves as a very brief introduction to vacuum coating technologies and processes, and the materials used in these. Vacuum coating processing is using vacuum technology to create sub-atmospheric and/or atomic or molecular condensable vapor sources in order to deposit thin films and its coatings. Vapor sources are derived from solid or liquid surfaces, physical vapor depositions, or chemical precursors, chemical vapor depositions.

New students to the designs, technologies and industry in general can subscribe to online magazines from which they can access archived material which will serve as handy tutorials and instructive introductive materials. There will also be a space for them to field pertinent questions, including approaching stakeholders on how and when to get involved in this business as student, apprentice and, finally, as full-time designer and manufacturer.

Online magazines offer new, interested readers educational programs, many of which come in the form of short tutorials, in vacuum coating technologies. In the context of this introductory information, the vacuum is the environment wherein gas pressure is less than its ambient. The Plasma is the gaseous environment wherein enough ions and electrons must co-exist in order to create an environment for usable electrical conductivity.

Vacuum coating is a process where film deposits are made. This is coating in a vacuum or low pressure plasma environment. This term is applied to processes that deposit atoms or molecules.